Monday, August 27, 2012

Graf # 2 Worst teacher ever

You're what!!!??? she exclaimed. " How could you, my sweet, mousy, book smart little Jessica get yourself in such a mess?" Little did I know that was the most I would hear from Mrs. Kindle ever again, outside of the daily class assignments of course. Mrs. Kindle was my 12th grade culinary arts teacher. In my eyes this class was the beginning of the rest of my life outside of high school.  This was the career path I thought long and hard about choosing and I was determined to get good grades, great grades even. As I was walking into her office to share the bad news I never, ever, thought she would react this way. I mean, it was the 2000's. Teenage girls got pregnant in high school all the time right? Well I guess Mrs. Kindle shared my high hopes for myself and this announcement was the death blow. I left her office knowing she was upset, furious at me even. Never did I think she would take me off the role of General Manager of the school restaurant. And worse, make me the substitute hostess! Didn't she know I fully intended on finishing my senior year and not allowing this "accident" to affect my attendance? Of course she did, I told her at least a dozen times in our little meeting. She must have been too busy judging me to notice. Two weeks later, I began homeschooling and finished out the year at home. Never to be in or near a professional kitchen again.

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  1. Whew, that's a heartbreaker.

    Idea of the assignment is to make the assertion ('worst') and then back it with story and examples, and you handle all that with fine style, knowing how to start and where to stop with plenty of ugly specifics between those two points.