Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Graf # 3 Inventory

Here is an inventory of the inside of my shower:

- Suave Kids Wild Watermelon Shampoo
-Up & Up Acne Wash
- Disney Princess Conditioner
- Green Poof
- White Poof
- Purple Poof
- Pink Poof
- Simply Right body wash
- Suave mens body wash
-Bain de terre jasmine shampoo
-Bain de terre Jasmine conditioner
-mens razor
-womens razor
-mango scented soap bar

The person that this shower belongs to obviously has a lot of people that use this shower. She must not care too much about the quality of shampoo or conditioner that she let's her children and husband use, however when it comes to her own products she spends a lot more money on them. What does that say about her?! She must not like the sharing of bodily dirt, because she has a separate poof for everyone. This woman adds up to be a acne blotched, busy with too many kids in her life, frugal in certain aspects, one bathroom in her house kind of  women, wife and mother!  Who also likes to spoil herself with bath and body products whenever she can.

1 comment:

  1. This does the job: takes a series of well-observed details and then in the graf gives those random details a shape and point.