Sunday, November 4, 2012

Timed Effect Essay


                    Everybody has a road of life story. It's inevitable that we as human beings will be forced to make choices throughout our life. Hopefully we have been raised and taught well enough that we can see the right from the wrong and pick the appropriate one. It's my opinion that there is three ways to travel through your life, there is the simple choice of going with the flow, there is the exciting choice of traveling the low road and then there is the harder, sometimes lonely high road. I have never been one for a challenge but I have somehow been able to stick it out on the high road.
                   Always choosing the high road has had a huge effect on the amount of friends I have. I don't think I have to explain how hard it is to fit in at high school when you are a straight laced Mormon girl. Now that I am old enough to look back at those horrible 4 years of my life, I thank my lucky stars that I stood my ground when it came to drugs, drinking and parties. When your in high school you feel like that is going to be your life forever, you don't see a way out. I decided to choose the high road and make smart choices of who I hung out with ( however small that group was) and what "extracurricular" activities I participated in.
                   Becoming pregnant at 18 and un-married had a huge impact on my life. I obviously had veered of that high road I had been doing so well with. I was pressured by a lot of important people in my life to give up the baby and move on with my life. I had goals and was busy working towards accomplishing them when I hit a little pot hole on the road of life  and detoured off for a bit. I made the biggest choice of my life by deciding to keep the baby and get married, and this was a direct effect of my earlier choice to try and choose the high road at all times and in all places. I never regretted that decision, despite the negativity I received from my family members. 
                     Choosing to marry my husband after I found out I was pregnant could have been a huge mistake. I really don't know why I felt so confident to do so. I was being faced with lots of opposition from my family who all thought I was way to young to get married and that there was no possible way that our marriage would ever work out. Eight years later we are still together. It hasn't been all roses and buttercups but we have made it through. I choose to take the high road when I decided to get married. I knew it would be more work than just walking away and either raising the baby alone or giving him up for adoption. Marriage is hard, if someone tells you otherwise, they are lying. But we take it day by day, month by month and year by year.
                    The Roads of life are bumpy. They are filled with more pot holes, detours and curves than any of the roads I've encountered, and that's saying a lot since I live in the sticks of Maine.  I have been lucky enough to know the road I must take. I  know my ultimate destination and can only hope that I continue to choose the right route to take in order to arrive safely at the end. Everyone and anyone can successfully travel the roads of life. It helps to have a partner in crime though, even if it was a marriage set up for failure! ( He, He)



  1. I think the road idea is overworked here--but that could be that I've just read a big bunch of 'life's potholes' essays and am potholed out.

    OTOH, you keep pushing the effect side of this assignment, a big plus. I'll take it.

  2. My heart dropped a bit when I read the first line of your comment, but went right back to normal with your ending. Thanks for accepting it.