Wednesday, December 12, 2012

graf #20 Reaction to my own writing

I can't believe I actually have 45 things written on this blog! I have always been better at English and writing than math or science classes but I never enjoyed it. Writing was always something that I was made to do and I was never eager to get it started. I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed taking this class, maybe it would have been different if it wasn't on-line but I'm not even going to look too much into that! I am proud of  all of the graf's and essay's I wrote, and even prouder that I felt that the writing came easy in most of the cases. I named my blog Jessica's writing journey before I even knew that all of this course consisted of writing. My name choice seemed prophetic and It certainly was a journey. 


  1. Glad you've reached the end, safe and happy.

  2. yes, me to! I am sorry about my final and it fizzing out before the end. I did struggle with it a bit :(