Monday, December 3, 2012

Timed division essay

Tweezers and I go a long way back. I have memories starting around age 5 of my mother standing at the bathroom mirror for what seemed like hours with a tweezer in her hand. I never really knew what she was doing for so long with them but at that young age it seemed important and hard work. Growing up without any major male influence meant that I pretty much never got that power tool, saw dusty building something from nothing  in the garage experiences that most kids get. I grew up watching my mother use tools that were a little more delicate, like sewing scissors, nail clippers and tweezers. 

I have had my own fair share of experiences with tweezers as well. One of my favorite uses for a tweezer is to remove splinters. I have a special pair of extra pointy tweezers that I reserve just for this purpose. Say what you want about tweezers being painful and damaging when it comes to removing a splinter, but I can guarantee you that when your way of "applying gentle pressure with two fingertips" hasn't worked for an hour you will be happy to let me try with my hand tool. I have fond memories of having my mother remove wood deck splinters from our summer beach house vacations and my children will never forget me digging in their heels to get that pesky one out. 

Tweezers are also extra special to me because I happened to inherit my mother's side of the families italian style eyebrows. I still cringe when I come across pictures of me as a little girl before I learned about tweezing your eyebrows. Not only are my eyebrows full and bushy but I also have what my kids call black hair ( it's really dark, dark brown). Now I know what my mom was doing most of the time in front of that bathroom mirror. Yes, I know I could wax them but who likes to take the easy road? Certainly not me.

I saved the best for last because my final and third favorite thing to use tweezers for are to remove foreign objects. I haven't had many cases of doing this but in the past few years I have had to remove a bee stinger from my sons foot, remove a small piece of glass from my own finger after picking up a broken glass, and try to take a sewing needle out of my husbands palm, this last one didn't work and we ended up bringing him to walk in care to have the professionals take care of it. I enjoy this the best because I can pretend I am doing some kind of important surgery, even for just a few minutes. 

As you can see, I have found plenty of useful ways to use my tweezers. I am lucky enough to have a very handy husband who has taken the time to show me my way around a tool box and that is much more than I had growing up but I'll always be there with my tweezers in hand when we need that special, delicate tool. 


  1. You've got the division thing working beautifully here: plenty of detail, clear structure, personal and individual--glad to take it.