Monday, October 8, 2012

Classification Essay Outro

So it is pretty obvious now that I have spent too much time for my own good focusing on cleaning habits. I have spent a ridiculous amount of hour's analyzing and scrutinizing others cleaning styles. And for what! These are my friends for goodness sake, women I love as much as sisters and what kind of respect do I show them? I apparently have nothing better to do then pay way to much attention to these mundane tasks. I seem to be stuck in this inner battle of mormon; wanna be perfect jessica vs. human; mentally flawed jessica. I already know I have a case of OCD when it comes to my own cleaning but it sure as heck doesn't mean that anyone else has to be as crazy as me in order to keep their own home clean, and more importantly if one of my best friends decides to ignore her domestic duties then so be it, that only makes for more time to spend hanging out!


  1. Try #1 sounds pretty good and outroey to me, but if you're eager to go ahead with tries #2-358, feel free.