Friday, October 5, 2012

Classification Intro # 2 REVISED

Growing up I don't think I paid any attention to whether someone's house was clean or dirty. I just remember playing over at different friend's houses, but I never cared about what they looked like. Later in life I began paying more attention and soon realized that some people are " put things away in the right spot and call it clean" people while others are " everything needs to be wiped and dusted " people and then there always seems to be the " I have plenty of better things to do than clean so screw it" person. It's interesting to me that you never really know what someone's cleanliness level is until you have been inside there home. I have quite a little group of stay at home moms that I hang out with on a regular basis, they are all great, wonderful women but let me tell you; not one of them are the same when it comes to how they keep there home.

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  1. I like this better, but you'll still need three categories. It might be good to describe those friends' houses a little to get the reader into the spirit of the thing.