Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Graf # 17 Reaction to comments on cause essay

 Considering that after Goldfine read my first intro and thought I was going to write about the three reasons why I put off going to school, but I had actually planned on writing about the three reasons why I did end up going to school, I was really really nervous about what final comments I was going to receive after the whole essay was completed. I had swayed back and forth about either sticking to my original plan, or going for what Goldfine had thought I was leading up to. I decided to stick with my original plan and this was the comment I received-  "Almost yes, but graf 3 does not work--not sure how Arizona and Maine winters tie in to personal fulfillment or, really, how personal fulfillment is that different from the material in graf 4.So, think about ways to make graf 3 work in a rewrite. Everything else is fine."  First reaction- Wow, Ok, I have to do a little revising but he didn't make one peep about the direction I choose to go with the reasons. I can totally deal with that. So I wiped out Graf 3 and re wrote it. This is the response I got to that- "Okay, no regrets with graf 3. I'll take it and I'll take the essay at full credit. Cheer up! "Writing is Rewriting" is the 101 motto!"  I immediately thought  Woo hoo!! Ok, so I wined a bit about re-writing but at least it only took one time. Plus he added a cute little slogan to make me feel better. Good deal. I was a happy camper. 

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  1. "Writing is rewriting" IS the 101 motto! Really! It's right there on the top of the writer's checklist I use with live students.

    So, good, we're having a back and forth kind of silent conversation about writing stuff, which is what needs to happen. I can't guarantee you won't get gloomy about writing again, but you can't go too far off the tracks as long as we communicate.