Thursday, October 25, 2012

Graf #19 Reaction to timed essay

I actually was totally fine with the timed essay. I usually work much better under pressure and procrastinate until I absolutely have to do something. Having a timed essay, even though it was the "honor system"  gave me that extra push to get it done in time.  I was really worried that it wasn't enough of a contrast essay and that I would receive negative comments about that, but it seemed to be well received. Maybe it's because GOldfine felt pity on me for all the re-writes I have had to do ?? Just kidding. I haven't checked since I posted my essay but at that time I was the only one who had chosen the "dirt" topic. It made me feel good to know I was going the adventurous route!

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  1. Very few people in any of my classes chose the dirt topic, not sure why. I didn't take pity exactly but I will say that after I had read 75 essays about Ginger the kitty and Bowser the Golden, I clung to a different topic like a drowning man to a life jacket.