Monday, October 15, 2012

graf 2 of contrast essay Revised

Everybody needs a little fun in their lives, and I am certainly no different. What I had missed most of city living was all the entertainment options. When you live in a big city, you have much greater access to a variety of venues and you are exposed to all sorts of different cultures. I missed all the places I could shop and all the restaurants that we could check out .By contrast, small towns generally don’t get nearly as much variety, and everything closes so early; but most people in small towns can and do drive to nearby cities to take advantage of amenities like the shopping and concerts and so on.  I don't miss any of that anymore, I enjoy the peace and quiet of the small town I live in and have no desire for all the hustle and bustle. We have lakes all around us so there's always an opportunity to fish, swim, boat, and tube. We also have a few snowmobiles and there are tons of trails to use them. There's never a boring moment in my town of under 1000  residents and even though I never, ever thought I would become a homebody, I am now, and I am pleasantly surprised.

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  1. Too general to really work. Who is this 'you' in the front end of the graf? Is it JR? Why not write 'I'? And what city? Boston is not the same as LA for options. And what do you mean by options--what is it you like to do?

    Same on the back end--what is peace and quiet like in a small town? What small town? I'd guess a small town like Camden is a lot different than a small town like Masardis or Ashland or Brownville....