Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Graf # 11 Research

A few years ago I decided that I wanted to have an emergency kit in our home. Leaders in my religion have been asking us to try and prepare 72 hour kits to have in case of disaster, and it can never hurt to be prepared.  I know a lot of people who do have them already but I wanted to take the time to do some research myself. I decided on making my own instead of buying a pre-made kit. The pre-made kits are convenient but they are also quite expensive and not personalized at all. I remember feeling immediately overwhelmed when I began my research because of how much should actually go into the kits. I decided to just take a section at a time and do my research that way. There is a basic order of what should go into a disaster kit and then people decide what will or will not work for them. I personally knew immediately that I did not want food that I would have to cook in there, because that means I would also need to have a camp stove and can opener etc. I also didn't worry about the clothing because my kids grow so fast and in case of real disaster I probably wouldn't be that upset if I had to stay in the same outfit for a few days. I did chose to put in ponchos and wool socks that would fit everyone.So basically I just went step by step and after about a month of research and a month of actually getting all the stuff and putting it together we had our kit.

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  1. You might want to expand this into your process essay once we reach that assignment--it would work very nicely.