Saturday, September 1, 2012

Graf #5 reaction to isearch brainstorm

My first reaction was : Well, you certainly narrowed it down to anything horticultural pretty fast! Your original "list of things I sometimes think about or mess around with" had a bit of variety in it. But then "comes a bit of focus as I try to narrow down one of these topics" and you start to turn vanilla on us! By the time we get down to the  "list of potentially researchable questions or issues to be researched; in an isearch" I feel like you must have either had a wicked hard time with your vegetable garden in years past or are just oddly interested in manure. All jokes aside, I do not feel like any of your topics that were in the "narrowed down" list would require the amount of research you are anticipating us to do in order to write this "isearch". I may be wrong though. If I am please let me know because I might have to change my topic...

1 comment:

  1. My garden is a constant area of research! I'm hardly alone! Every year my research starts with seed catalogs in January, continues with seedlings in April, and does not wrap until October when I harvest the last of the Brussel sprouts and harrow the whole thing and put it to bed for the winter (though I do keep dumping horse manure on it as long as the snow holds off!)

    But, yeah, the brainstorm was an artificial exercise, meant to convey an idea more than to be 'real'--though the questions are ones I do wrestle with regularly.