Sunday, September 9, 2012

reaction graf to isearch samples ( graf # 8)

I read through a lot of different isearch samples. My reactions are all over the place because they were written by so many people who all have different writing styles. I have became slightly overwhelmed with what a big project this seems to be. There is a lot of research that is going to need to be done, a lot of time that is going to have to be invested, and a lot of sleepless nights in order to get this work done without totally ignoring my three kids and husband. On that note, I am also extremely excited and ready to get started! I feel very confident with the topic that I have decided on. I love the fact that you ( Goldfine) have made it very clear that we need to be personally invested with our topic. I felt the connection that each student had with there isearch when I was going through the samples, and it makes for very good writing.