Wednesday, September 5, 2012

isearch worksheet 2nd try

What do you want to write about? I want to write about Nursing vs. Medicine
What do you want to find out about your topic? I want to find out whether I would like to be a nurse or go into medicine.
What are your questions about the topic?
1. What are the differences between Nursing and Medicine
2. What are the differences in schooling methods
3.Who gets paid more and is it justified
4. Do doctors have more stressful environments to work in compared to Nurses?

1. Is there a philosophy for nursing and or medicine
2. What schooling is harder, longer etc..

How does the topic connect to your life?  Don't say 'curious' or 'interesting.'  Or don't stop there anyway....

I happen to have quite a few friends in the healthcare field. Some of them went from being RN'S and decided to go to advance practice nursing as either NP'S or CRNA'S. I also have a few who decided to change from RN's and go to PA school. I often gear them argue about who is more educated, who knows more etc... Because I want to be a RN right now I thought I should better understand this debate. 

Give three reasons you like the topic
1. I am very interested
2. I want to pursue a career in the healthcare field and would like to know the differences
3. I want to be able to debate it with my medical field friends

Give three ways your life might change if you answer your questions
1. I might decide to go to school for a physician assistant instead of nursing
2. It might make me feel differently about who is seeing me at a doctors office
3. I might feel completely unsure about going into the healthcare field at all


  1. PA vs RN might work as a topic, if you are able to personalize it, apply it to you. But if it all winds up being hypothetical since it's all so far in the future, it would make a weak isearch.

  2. ok, I am pretty sure I can personalize it to myself since I am so interested in it. I am going to stick with this topic and hope for a good isearch. Any suggestions?

  3. Keep brainstorming questions. See if you can line up interviews with RNs, PAs, MDs, nurse practioners, etc.

  4. I changed my topic to weight loss. I liked what I can up with during my brainstorming, should I write and post another isearch worksheet for it?

  5. No need, your brainstorm covers the territory.