Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Reaction to cause essays

I read all four of the sample cause essays you posted. After reading them I felt like I had an instant understanding of what a cause essay is, and what you are expecting us to do. I didn't quite understand just by reading the writing instructions you gave us. The instructions you gave us were good, and did make sense but there is something about reading those sample cause essays that really hit home. My first actual reaction to them were thinking how much I like the flow. I find myself always having too much in the middle of my writing that I think I end up with abrupt endings. I like how the cause essay seems to make it almost impossible to have that happen. There is a specific form and section for each part of your writing. I think that goes well with my way of organizing. I really liked the first essay about the relationship. I knew it had to be good when I felt myself angry at her for putting her guy in the middle of her and his daughter. I wish that I can get to the point in my writing that others will actually feel the emotion of my writing. I also liked the last one, about the marching partner. It was nice to see how much he saw in Molly, and the appreciation he had for her. There was beauty he saw in her that wasn't lust or love, more like an admiration for the qualities he knew she possessed.

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  1. I am so glad you liked those essays. As you say, lecture can only take a student part of the way; the lecture and the samples are a team!