Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Graf # 14 isearch research plan

For my isearch I plan on using the internet which has almost endless possibilities for my topic. I also am planning on interviewing some friends and family that I have in mind who I know have either struggled with losing weight in the past or are still doing so now.  I'd like to get their thoughts on what did and didn't work for them. My husband has a good friend from high school who is now a Beachbody coach. Beachbody is the company who makes the turbofire and p90x dvd systems. I know he has become very interested ( almost obsessed) with weight loss before and after stories so I know he will have a lot of info for me. If I happen to come across one website that I think answers all my questions, I don't care because I would never use only one form of information to persuade my answers. Researching to me means using different forms of input to come to my own conclusions and/or gather facts. I have already reached out to my husbands friend and let him know about my isearch, I wanted to give him enough time to be able to give me educated answers. That was the first step on my "time line".

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  1. Google has other possibilities for a topic like this other than scanning websites: google groups, google blogs, youtube, and others.