Saturday, September 1, 2012

isearch worksheet

What do you want to write about?

 I would like to write about whether people are a product of their environment or not.

What do you want to find out about your topic?

 I would like to research the whole nature vs. nurture debate to come to a conclusion of my own.
What are your questions about the topic?
1.  Nature vs. nurture?
2. Do siblings have the same major personality traits?
3. Can good parents end up with bad children?
4.How do people reach to there environment around them?

1. Personality similarities and differences in twins?
2. If a child commits a crime does it fall back on the parent?
3.  How much of a role do genetics play?

How does the topic connect to your life? 

 I have always had questions about this topic. Even before becoming a mother myself.
 Recently, since taking a intro to sociology course this topic has been brought back up again for me.

Give three reasons you like the topic

1. I like the idea of physiology and sociology having different theories.
2. I like learning about human development.
3. I am curious and excited to learn more about this topic and to possibly discover my own personal theory.

Give three ways your life might change if you answer your questions

1. I might feel differently about how I raise my own children.
2. I might end up changing my feelings on crimes committed by juveniles.
3. I might decide to change my major from nursing to sociology, or physiology!! ( That would be major)


  1. This topic can work, but it's very big and very unanswerable (except with constant qualification and elaboration) and can only work as an isearch if you kick it out of the realm of the abstract and of the realm of straight research. That is, it has to be applied to you and your life--do you have siblings? Do you have children?

    So, tell me more.

  2. Ok, let me think about how I would go about this topic, I will probably end up changing it then.